Monday, April 14, 2014

U.S. Producers Seek Countervailing Duty on Imports of Mexican Sugar

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Article from SourceMex, April 9

The dispute between the US and Mexico on sugar trade has erupted again following a request by the American Sugar Coalition (ASC) to the US government to impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties against imports of Mexican sugar. In a petition filed before the US International Trade Commission (ITC), the ASC alleges that the Mexican government is subsidizing sugar production, costing the US sugar industry about US$1 billion in net income for the 2013-2014 crop year. The complaint points out that government subsidies have resulted in a bumper sugarcane crop and large surplus of sugar in Mexico, which has led the Mexican industry to increase exports significantly. Mexico produced a record crop of 7 million tons of sugar in 2012-2013 Carlos Navarro Read More

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