LADB Subscriptions

Updated: October 13, 2011

Subscriptions are available for individuals, institutions, and all K-12 teachers.

Institutional subscriptions

  • access for up to a single class C network (255 computers)
  • no limitation as to the number of users or connections
  • no logins required to access content
  • persons affiliated with the institution may opt-in to receive newsletters
  • out-of-network access provided on a case-by-case for individual users at no charge

Individual subscriptions

  • limited to a single user
  • concurrent logins are not allowed
  • a username and password are required to access content

Teachers (K-12)

  • all teachers employed in education from kindergarten through grade 12 are eligible for free subscriptions
  • verification of employment or credentials may be required
  • once employment/credential has been verified, teachers will be issued free a subscription and credentials to access ladb
  • a username and password are required to access content
  • to obtain access, please use the form on our Contact page, or email

To subscribe:

Please visit the LADB Marketplace at the UNM Bursar's Office by clicking this link: LADB Marketplace.

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