Monday, April 28, 2014

Guatemalan Former President Alfonso Portillo Admits He Accepted Bribes from Taiwan

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Article from NotiCen, April 24

Taiwan's policies toward Central America are under intense scrutiny, particularly recent allegations that the Asian country bribed Guatemalan and Salvadoran leaders. On March 18, former Guatemalan President Alfonso Portillo (2000-2004) told a Federal District Court in Manhattan that he accepted US$1.5 million in bribes from the Taiwanese government in exchange for his country’s continued diplomatic recognition of the island in its long-standing dispute with China. As Portillo’s trial in the US unfolds, former Salvadoran President Francisco Flores (2000-2004) faces a congressional inquiry in his country for allegedly misusing millions of dollars in funds from Taiwan. Flores has admitted receiving checks worth US$10 million from Taiwan during the last two years of his administration but insists they were not for his personal use. Louisa Reynolds Read More

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