Monday, April 7, 2014

Historically Troubled Haiti-Dominican Republic Relations Seem Improving

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Article from NotiCen, April 3

After two high-level bilateral meetings this year, the historically troubled Haiti-Dominican Republic relations seem on the way to being fixed--or at least to starting the process. The improvement follows last year’s controversial Tribunal Constitucional (TC) ruling aimed at stripping Dominican citizenship from persons born in the Dominican Republic after 1929 to undocumented immigrants, a measure affecting mostly Haitians. The first encounter was held on Jan. 8 in the northeastern Haitian border town of Ouanaminthe. After more than seven hours of talks, a Joint Declaration was issued, saying that "a good portion of the meeting was devoted to the migration issue" and that the dialogue had taken place with "serenity and mutual respect." As had been agreed, the second meeting took place on Feb. 3 in the southwestern Dominican border province of Independencia. Dominican Minister of the Presidency Gustavo Montalvo then told reporters that agreements were reached in several areas, including that of immigration. George Rodríguez Read More

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