Friday, May 16, 2014

Rio’s Favelas See Uptick in Violence

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Article from NotiSur, May 9

For decades, the favelas of Rio de Janeiro have suffered the stigma of violence as their residents suffered in the crosshairs of the armed conflict between government security forces and narco-trafficking organizations. In recent years, that situation has improved significantly with the implementation of the Unidade de Polícia Pacificadora (UPP) program, which invades favelas with overwhelming military force to evict drug gangs and then installs a permanent police presence. However, a late April incident in which a dancer on a popular television program and resident of the Pavão-Pavãozinho favela, near Copacabana, died in UPP custody is only the latest in a string of high-profile cases that have cast serious doubts about the efficacy, transparency, and legality of the military police in Rio de Janeiro state, which manage and staff the UPP program. Gregory Scruggs Read More

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