Friday, May 16, 2014

Congress Unanimously Approves Legislation Requiring That Civilian Courts Try Criminal Complaints Against Military Personnel

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Article from SourceMex, May 7

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies each unanimously approved changes to Mexico’s military code that would allow civilian courts to try members of the armed forces when a crime is committed against civilians. Under the new guidelines, approved in April in both legislative chambers, military prosecutors are obligated to turn cases over to civilian courts when where a member of the armed forces has committed a violation that should be heard outside the jurisdiction of a military court. The change is seen as an important step in addressing what had been considered a major deficiency in the protection of human rights in Mexico. While the military has been implicated in the violation of civilian rights in Mexico through the years, the situation worsened during the administration of ex-President Felipe Calderón, who made extensive use of the military in drug-interdiction efforts. Soldiers and marines not only went after drug traffickers during those years but also committed acts of violence and torture against civilians. Carlos Navarro Read More

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