Friday, March 28, 2014

What’s Going On with Dominican Cinema?

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Article from NotiCen, March 27

Fifteen films were produced in the Dominican Republic in 2012, a sizeable figure considering that, from 1923, when the first Dominican film was produced, to 2010, 57 local films and 72 foreign films were produced on Dominican soil. Among the foreign films that have been produced in the Dominican Republic are the Spanish film Fiesta del Chivo and the US film The Godfather Part II. The films produced in the Dominican Republic in 2013 span a number of genres including drama, comedy, and historical fiction. The country has also served as a backdrop for a number of international commercial productions, soap operas, and reality shows, a popular format nowadays. As a result, the Dominican Republic now has an increasingly number of skilled technical and artistic staff to meet the requirements of foreign production companies. Crosby Girón Read More

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