Friday, March 28, 2014

Peru’s New Cabinet Gets Reluctant Approval

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Article from NotiSur, March 28

On the verge of a total crisis involving the Peruvian Cabinet, opposition members of Congress forced three ballots before giving new ministers a vote of confidence. Opposition legislators, however, maintained their demand that first lady Nadine Heredia stop actively participating in governmental affairs. With then Housing Minister René Cornejo presiding, the Consejo de Ministros, which had been sworn into office on Feb. 24, appeared before Congress March 14. Article 130 of the Peruvian Constitution requires the Cabinet president, accompanied by the full Cabinet, to appear before Congress within the first 30 days of taking office "to present and discuss general government policy and key management measures." The required visit in effect raises the question of trust, essentially setting up a vote of confidence for the Cabinet. This Cabinet is the fifth under President Ollanta Humala, who is just midway through a five-year term. Elsa Chanduví Jaña Read More

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