Friday, June 8, 2012

June 6-8: Drug Cartel Attacks Business in Mexico; HIV/AIDS Discrimination Against Latin American Women; Changes at Inter-American Human Rights Court

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SourceMex, June 6, 2012

Drug Cartel Damages Property of Leading Corporation, Raising Concerns that Large Businesses Might Now be Targets
 * Cartel accuses company of allowing trucks to be used for spying
 * Extortion also cited as possible motive
 * Government says attacks isolated, but businesses alarmed

Mexico Sells Large Shipment of Heavy Crude to Indian State-Run Refining Company
 * Purchase might have displaced Iranian crude
 * Mexico Falls Behind Saudi Arabia in crude-oil sales to US

NotiCen, June 7, 2012

Latin American Women Suffering from HIV/AIDS Battle Prejudice and Discrimination
 * Discrimination at home and in workplace
 * Deficiencies in access to health care

Rape, the Silenced Crime in Guatemala
 * Victims afraid to speak out
 * Rape is a medical emergency
 * Seeking justice

NotiSur, June 8, 2012

Changes at Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Could Open Door to Impunity in Ecuador
 * Strategy to control the IACHR
 * The proposed reforms

Problems Widespread in Prisons Throughout Region
 * Inmates serving double sentences
 * Overcrowding the norm throughout region
 * State neglect and public apathy

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