Friday, June 15, 2012

June 13-15: Panamanian President Martinelli Highly Unpopular, Chile's President Piñera Rebounds; Mexico to Launch New TV Networks

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SourceMex, June 13, 2012

Students Add New Dynamic to Presidential Race, but PRI Remains Ahead in Polls
 * Second debate fails to change status quo
 * López Obrador gains in one poll, but is still far behind in others
 * #YoSoy132 gains momentum on Twitter

Federal Telecommunications Commission Moves Forward with Plan to Create New Television Networks in Mexico
 * Auction might not start for at least six months
 * Could Carlos Slim and TELMEX enter the bidding?

NotiCen, June 14, 2012

President Ricardo Martinelli Is Panama’s Most Unpopular President, Says Recent Poll
 * Corruption scandals and political ambition
 * The economy grows, social and political tension persists

Honduran Civil-Society Leader Says Murder of Journalists Reflects General Deterioration in Human Rights
 * Human rights abusers now in public office
 * Killing could be political message

NotiSur, June 15, 2012

Argentina Passes Far-Reaching Gender-Identity, Death-with-Dignity Laws
 * Changes began in 2009
 * Death-with-dignity law has wide support
 * Right to withhold nutrition and hydration had some opposition
 * Self-determination key in gender identity

Popularity Bounce For Chile’s Apologetic President Sebastián Piñera
 * One protest after another
 * "People object to his personality"
 * Betting on a bridge to Chiloé

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