Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 20-22: World Bank Ruling on Mining Hurts El Salvador; Bomb Attacks in Colombia; Mixed Progress on Tobacco Reduction in Mexico

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SourceMex, June 20, 2012

Pacific Alliance, Group of 20 Summits Boost Mexico’s International Prestige
 * Pacific Alliance becomes a reality
 * Mexico hosts G20 meeting in Los Cabos
 * Calderón holds personal meetings with European leaders, Obama

Mexico Reports Mixed Progress in Campaign to Reduce Tobacco Usage
 * Indoor ban helps reduce second-hand smoke
 * Still 11 million smokers
 * Tobacco lobby fights back

NotiCen, June 21, 2012

Costa Rica’s Judiciary Reports First Drop in Homicide Rate in Six Years; Minister’s Goal is Eliminating Epidemic
 * Figures show movement in right direction
 * Success result of two changes

World Bank Allows Canadian Miner To Keep Pursing El Salvador’s Gold
 * Both sides claim victory
 * Fourth activist murdered
 * Calls for a legislature-approved mining ban

NotiSur, June 22, 2012

Former Allies Strike to Send Message to Bolivian President Evo Morales
 * Doctors first to walk out, others follow
 * Vice president explains highway's importance

Colombian Capital Rocked by Bomb Attack, Rumors of Coup Plots
 * Disturbing emails revealed
 " In Colombia, anything can happen"

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