Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 11-13: PRI Regains Presidency in Mexico; Gang Truce in El Salvador; Parliamentary Coup Topples Paraguayan President Lugo

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SourceMex, July 11, 2012

P.R.I. Candidate Enrique Peña Nieto Wins Presidential Election by Small but Comfortable Margin
 * Voter participation strong
 * Center-left coalition gains in Congress, but PRI still has plurality
 * Center-left candidate López Obrador accuses PRI of massive vote buying
 * Governing PAN considered the big loser

Avian Flu Outbreak Reported in Jalisco, Mexico’s largest Poultry- and Egg-Producing State
 * Government moves to prevent price speculation on eggs
 * Producers angry at government’s decision to boost imports

NotiCen, July 12, 2012

 Gang Leaders Call For "Peace Talks" With Salvadoran Government
 * A political future for the maras?
 * Funes sticks with mano dura approach

Mob Lynching in Dominican Republic: When Citizens Take Justice into Their Own Hands
 * Violence and the authorities
 * Reasons behind the violence

NotiSur, July 13, 2012

Organization of American States Lacks Credibility Among Some Member Countries
 * Anti-US sentiment evident at meeting
 * IACHR seen by some governments as biased
 * NGOs fear changes could weaken human rights protections

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo Toppled in Parliamentary Coup
 * Suspicions of setup
 * Why the rush to impeach?

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