Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 11-13: Land Reforms in South America, Solar Energy in Mexico, Drug Policy in Central America

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SourceMex, April 11, 2012

Drug-Related Violence a Major Theme in Mexico’s Presidential Campaigns
 * Government, political parties monitor campaign contributions
 * Lack of enforcement powers a big problem
 * Threats against politicians also a concern
 * Candidates offer solutions to violence

Solar Energy Seen as a Viable Alternative in Mexico
 * Solar farms viable in northern states
 * Large solar farm under construction in Baja California
 * Credits would help homeowners, businesses convert to solar power

NotiCen, April 12, 2012

Pedro Pimentel Ríos Given 6,060-Year Sentence for Participation in Dos Erres Massacre
 * A trial of historic significance

Costa Rican President Plays Active Part in Promoting Effective Action against Drug Trafficking in Central America
 * President Chinchilla calls for dialogue, but with caution
 * US throws cold water on idea

NotiSur, April 13, 2012

 Latin American Underdevelopment Tied to Land Ownership
 * Brazil's Land-Reform Promise Largely Unfulfilled
 * Paraguay looks at property titles to redistribute land
 * Colombia and Venezuela try unique approaches

Uncertainty about Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's Health Affects Presidential Campaign
 * Lack of information leads to wild rumors
 * Sparring with US continues

 * Journalist calls Chávez the country's cancer

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